2015 Graduation Message of Dr. Lualhati O. Cadavedo

Graduation day is such a wonderful event that comes to all students and parents. This is the best opportunity to give back credits to all whom, in one way another, contributed to the success of each and every learner who will soon receive their hard-earned diplomas.

This year’s graduation is made remarkable through the theme “Saktong Buhay: Sa De-kalidad na Edukasyon Pinanday.” It is noteworthy to mention the value of education in molding the best future. According to Christopher Morley, an American novelist, there are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning. Once a person gets proper education, he will soon receive a certification which may serve as ticket to the life he aims to have. Soon , think of it as the key to change the world.

Graduates, let us all be reminded that once, you were dreamers and on your graduation day, you are all achievers. You have worked hard and are now one step closer to making your dreams a reality. You will soon reap the fruits of your hard work. Today , you are going to have a new beginning, new chapter, new endeavors, and new challenges. But for now let me remind you that all your teachers, relatives, friends and most especially your parents, are so proud of you.

May God’s graces be with you as you trace youre path to the good life. Keep the courage as you face new challenges. Congratulations!

Lualhati O. Cadavedo, Ph. D.
PSDS/OIC, Office of the Schools Division Superintendent